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about me

My name is Jennifer Rumbach and I live in Cologne, Germany, where I work as a photographer. As a freelancer I mainly focus on capturing people. Furthermore I´m a part-time employee at the cologne cathedral, where I especially document the monument preservation. In 2001 I started my education as a photographer in a photo-studio in Aachen, a city in Germany near the dutch and belgian border. We used polaroid-film either as a control for pictures we did with a large format camera or to do passport photos. From the very first moment I loved the smell of the developer liquid when I separated the photos from the chemical part. And every time I was curious and fascinated by getting the pictures in one minute instead of waiting 3 or 4 days till a film was developed. That was the time polaroid material got me. I loved the colors and the slight blur of the images. When I got a little too idly to carry this colossus of a large format camera – which was really old and because of that really difficult to handle – I discovered different small polaroid cameras, mainly Polaroid 100 and SX70. At that time it wasn´t a problem to get (vintage) SX70 film and because of my education I snatched them for a lower price. Mostly without expired-film effects, but nonetheless really charming. It was like paradise! The first time, I showed my instant images to a bigger audience was on polanoid.net, which is – I think – one of the first platforms, which was just dedicated to instant material and where I met many like-minded people. To see all those wonderful images and techniques of the others really inspired me. Since then, instant material has not let me go.

In my job as a documental photographer at cologne cathedral there is all about perfection, accuracy and sharpness. Everything has to be mapped as closely as possible to reality. So instant photography is a wonderful balance to my everyday life as a photographer. What I love about doing pictures with polaroid is, that there are no rules, so that I´m free of conventions. That allows me just to focus on the situation and motive. In a world, where you can get many pictures in one second instant photography is like a meditation. It makes me calm down. Besides the polaroid-camera is kind of playful and the handling is almost a bit childish, nevertheless the instant material can be a challenge as well. Working with polaroid is like a gamble between surprise, frustration and fun. I still mostly use my old sx70 camera and my polaroid 100.



POLAROID IS NOT DEAD #4, Hotel-Dieu, Rennes


2019 „can touch this“, Galerie Durchfahrt, Cologne (single exhibition)

2019 „instant art arles“ Arles (group exhibition)

2019 „shadow is a colour“ Projekteria Art Gallery in Barcelona (group exhibition)

2019 Kunstroute Ehrenfeld (group exhibition)

2018 „instant art paris“, Galerie Joseph Turenne, Paris

2015 “Du kannst dir meiner Liebe sicher sein“, Galerie MaJourie, Cologne (single exhibition)

2013 “Digitale Leichen“, damenundherren, Düsseldorf (single exhibition)

2012 “Fashion meets Art“, Start Your Art, Hamburg (group exhibition)

2012 “KunstBar Contemporary Art“, Meerbusch (group exhibition)

2011 “Blur Photo 011“, Zagreb (group exhibition)

2010 “Facing the Impossible“, Kölnischer Kunstverein (group exhibition)

2010 “Impossible Project“, Impossible Project, New York (group exhibition)

2008 “Sofort!Bild“, Galerie Ori, Berlin (group exhibition)


Brigitte Woman, DB Mobil, Blur Magazine, Pryme Editions, Photographie, art – Das Kunstmagazin, Shot of the Day Book, TickL Magazine, Zitty Berlin, NRC Handelsblad, Artinvestor, Unicum, Die Welt, different book covers